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COURSE PROJECT - LITERATURE REVIEW PLANT ANATOMY BIO 4354 / 5354 THIS PROJECT IS WORTH 100 POINTS AND WILL BE GRADED ON THE BASIS OF COMPLETENESS, STYLE OF WRITING, AND CREATIVITY. 1. Obtain your topic from the instructor and begin collecting information from the library. Your first visit to the library should be no later than the second week of the semester. 2. Find at least twelve (12) references which address your topic. The references must be from research books or scientific journals found in the library (ENCYCLOPEDIAS DO NOT COUNT AS REFERENCES). 3. Read the articles and conceptualize how you will integrate them in your paper. 4. Make an outline of your literature review. 5. Write the literature review (MUST BE TYPED). 6. Your literature review will be graded as follows: REPORT (100 points): A typed literature review should be written with title, abstract, introduction, literature review (body), conclusions, and references as follows: TITLE (5%): Descriptive and creative title which encompasses all aspects of the report (limited to 15 words).
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