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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 3 - Roots I. Root function A. Absorption - uptake of water and nutrients (primarily root tips and hairs) B. Anchorage - holds plant in place and keeps it stuck in the soil (older roots) C. Storage - food reserves (especially dicots; monocots have little capacity for storage) D. Transport - enable movement of substances up through the plant E. Propagation - development of a new plant from roots through growth and differentiation into a new plant F. Growth regulation - roots are believed to be the primary source of the gibberellins and cytokinins II. Root study techniques A. Trench - excavating a trench perpendicular to the plant or row of plants B. Framed monolith and pinboard - follows the trench; pull and map roots with a pinboard C. Soil moisture and depletion - moisture (measured by weighing or a neutron probe) as an indication of root growth D. Core sampling - estimate of entire root profile through representative sample E.
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