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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 17 - Root Structure I. Root structure - most information comes from the primary roots of seedlings A. Root cross section (from outside in) FOCUS = DICOT 1. Epidermis - produces specialized "trichomes" called root hairs 2. Cortex (exodermis, mid cortex, & endodermis) a) Exodermis - the outer layer of the cortex of some roots (a type of hypodermis that may be suberized or lignified) b) Mid cortex - ground tissue c) Endodermis - just outside the pericycle (has Casparian strip) 3. Stele (pericycle, vascular parenchyma, phloem, & xylem) a) Pericycle - area of cells just outside the phloem and xylem b) Vascular parenchyma - area between xylem and phloem c) Phloem - protophloem & metaphloem (impossible to distinguish) d) Xylem - protoxylem (outside) & metaxylem (inside) B. MONOCOTS differ in having a pith and a polyarch arrangement of vascular tissue 1. Very little phloem and a whole of of xylem is a characteristic of roots in monocots II.
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