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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY I. Types of meristems A. Apical meristems - located at the apex of the organ B. Basal meristem - located at the base of the organ C. Intercalary meristems - occur between their derivatives such as in monocots D. E. Axillary meristems - in buds at leaf axils II. Types of apical meristems A. NOTE: in roots it was a subapical meristem (goes both directions); in shoots it is an apical meristem B. Types of apical meristems in shoots - you have to look at the apex through the full season to grasp the whole concept of zonation 1. Single cell - single apical mother cell: found in algae, bryophytes, and many LVPs 2. Group of cells - group of apical initials: LVPs 3.
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