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Jim Bidlack - BIO 5354/4354 PLANT ANATOMY Lecture 4 - Stems I. Main functions of stems A. Support B. Conduction of water and nutrients C. Storage D. Production of new living tissue II. Primary stem growth in angiosperms - dicots and monocots A. FOCUS ON DICOTS 1. What gives rise to different tissues? a) Meristems b) Cells differentiate - become destined to dermal, ground, or vascular c) protoderm = dermal; ground mer. = ground; procambium = vascular 2. Apical meristem - angiosperms a) Shoot apex - point above youngest primordia (lateral outgrowth from apical meristem that will become a leaf b) Promeristem - place where no visible differentiation can be seen (can be same as shoot apex) 3. Differentiation of cells a) Dermal tissue 1) Epidermis - covered by a cuticle 2) Can have chloroplasts (esp. guard cells of stomatal apparatus) b) Ground tissue 1) All around procambial strands 2) Two parts a) b) Pith - inside region c)
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