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STA 3024 Assignment 1 1. Suppose that, based on a random sample of 148 UF graduates with a certain major, a 95% confidence interval for the average starting salary (in thousands of dollars) for people with this major is (69 . 8 , 74 . 8) . True or false: We are 95% confident that the average starting salary of all UF graduates with this major is between $69 , 800 and $74 , 800 . 2. A sample space consists of 68 outcomes, all of which are equally likely. There are 13 outcomes in A , 10 outcomes in B , and 2 outcomes in both A and B . (a) Calculate P ( B | A ) . (b) Are A and B independent? 3. Out of 1200 randomly selected Floridians, 44% say they are “very concerned” about global warming. From this, an environmental group estimates that 44% of all Floridians are “very concerned” about global warming. Identify the population, sample, parameter, and statistic that are relevant to this situation. 4. We want to conduct a hypothesis test to see if a particular coin is fair, meaning that it is
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