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STA 3024 Assignment Guidelines 1. Type or write neatly. 2. Brainstorm each question posed by the assignment, and do your exploratory work on scratch paper. Do not submit a rough draft of your solution. 3. Your final solutions should be presented in a sequential (step-by-step) manner. In other words, answer the problems in the order in which they were assigned. 4. Staple the sheets of paper together and write you name and UF ID number on the
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Unformatted text preview: front page. 5. You may work together on the assignments, but do not copy each other’s work word-for-word. Your solutions must be your own. 6. If you are stuck on a problem, ask me for a hint. You have nothing to lose by asking for a hint, but you do have something to lose by handing in incomplete work. 7. Turn in a hardcopy of your work at the beginning of lecture on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. 1...
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