syllabus - STA 3024 Introduction to Statistics 2 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 Introduction to Statistics 2 Section 7454 Spring 2012 Meeting Time MWF 3rd period (9:3510:25 a.m.) and Location PUGH 170 Course Website lmori80 Instructor Laura Mori Office Hours Griffin-Floyd 116C MW 4th period or by appointment TA Yeonhee Park Office Hours Griffin-Floyd 202 R 4th period TA Alex Savenkov Office Hours McCarty C 419 W 7th period TA Ruoxuan Xiang Office Hours McCarty C 427 T 7th period Course Description and Objectives The sequence of courses STA 2023-3024 provides students with a firm foundation in the basics of applied statistical methods. The prerequisite for this course is STA 2023, which covered chapters 1-8 in the textbook (Data collection, graphical and numerical summaries, probability and an introduction to statistical inference). Introduction to Statistics II focuses on the following four topics: Contingency tables and the chi-squared test for categorical variables Nonparametric Statistics that do not require a Normal distribution of the response variable Analysis of variance in both one-way and two-way layouts Inference for Regression, covering Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Regression 1 Required Materials 1. We will use all 15 chapters of Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data , by Alan Agresti and Chris Franklin, Prentice Hall, 2008. The first edition (2007) will also work, but the chapters, examples, and homework problems might be numbered differently....
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syllabus - STA 3024 Introduction to Statistics 2 Section...

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