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hw4 - University of Florida Electrical Computer Engineering...

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University of Florida EEL 4744 Dr. Eric M Schwartz Electrical & Computer Engineering 1-Mar-12 Page 1/1 Homework 4 Revision 0 Instructions Note: Late HW is not accepted! HW is due at the beginning of class. Put your “last name, first name” and the HW number in the top right hand corner of the first page of all HW assignments. Staple your pages together. Do not put your social security number or your UF ID number on your HW. Attach all program listings (if any), i.e., list files. Verify your program solutions on the simulator when possible. 12.1, 12.17 Write the following four (or five) subroutines for execution on your UF DSP board. I suggest that you use this code to help in your future labs. 1. Write an SCI_INIT subroutine. This subroutine will initialize both the transmitter and the receiver to operate in non-interrupt mode at 9600 Hz, with 8-data bits (no parity), one start bit and one stop bit. (If you would rather use interrupts for SCI_INIT and all the below subroutines, feel free to do so.) 2.
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