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Lab2b - Lab 2(b Introduction to DIMEtalk and Nallatech...

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Lab 2(b): Introduction to DIMEtalk and Nallatech Platform EEL 4930/5934 – Spring 2012 Objective: In this part of Lab 2, you will be learning the basics of the Nallatech board and the DIMETalk design environment. 2(b) Part 1 - Installation/Tutorial 1. Follow the instructions that you receive in an email to download and install the Dimetalk software. Do not distribute this information to anyone not in this class. 2. After installing the tools, perform this tutorial for DIMEtalk (DIMEtalkTutorial.pdf) to become familiar with the environment. 3. You will also need these files to run the tutorial: tutorialFiles.zip . Once you are done I highly recommend reading the following. Although not required for this assignment, you will be using these documents on all following projects. If you are uncertain about the functionality of anything in DIMEtalk, make sure to find the answer in here, or ask me or the TA. 1. DIMEtalk User Guide.pdf 2. DIMEtalk Reference Guide.pdf Common Problems: When installing DIMEtalk, make sure to select the option to install the Xilinx tools, even if you already have ISE installed .
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