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ProjectRequirementsAndGrading - • Datapath details...

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Project requirements and grading PowerPoint presentation and Demonstration (30 mins) Report for each team (up to 10 pages plus appendices, references, etc.) Grading: 25% of final course grade I expect each member of the group to contribute equally to the project and thus receive the same grade for the assignment. Fill out the attached “Tasks and Contribution” worksheet and attached to appendix.
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Contents for PowerPoint slides (and report) Introduction to the application Description in science/engineering point of view Formulas, etc. Algorithm Design and Implementation Mapping from algorithm to architecture Block diagram of architecture DIMEtalk project Data arrangement and buffering
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Unformatted text preview: • Datapath details Testing and demonstration • Test/demo setup • Dataset used • Baseline for comparison (e.g., c program running on Delta CPU) Test results • Resource usage, clock frequency • Speedup vs. baseline: 1 – computation only, 2 – data transfer and computation Conclusion Factors I will be considering while grading • Complexity of the project • Elegance and innovativeness of design • Does it work? • Project amenable to RC and impact to science and engineering? • Speedup (1) computation only (2) data transfer and computation • Use SRAM? • Amount of parameterization • Data used to test/demonstrate the design (i.e., “toy” data or “real-world” data)...
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ProjectRequirementsAndGrading - • Datapath details...

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