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Southern women White/wealthy planter class Poor/white yeoman farmers Slave/women urban/rural house/field Free women of color poor/wealthy Pro slavery ideology – defend slavery, necessary evil, antebellum period, appeal to white racism, superior to African, lucky to be rescued from Africa by whites, need to be enslaved or they will accomplish nothing, make them better people, Christianity must be brought to slaves, make them fit for heaven, Abolition – Justify sexual exploitation in south – myth of Jezebel – young sex crazed woman, anti family, anti Christian, prostitute, tempts white men
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Unformatted text preview: Opposite of jezebel – myth of Mammy – asexual, older, Christian, dedicated to white family, works in house, takes care of everyone, white family redeems her with Christianity Every slave woman was a jezebel of mammy White men didn’t deny having sex with black women, argue that its good for them because they can unleash lust on black women and not have to subject wives to it Slave women – rural slavery, slave hands, labor/gender Fight owner against sexual advances – beating, owns you as property...
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