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Stat 104 Midterm Exam Topics The following topics are the main ideas from the first half of the course. We will discuss this list on Monday (March 9 th ) in class. 1) Binomial mean and variance 2) 2x2 table, conditional probability, probability of A and B, A or B 3) Interpreting probability 4) Interpreting correlation, covariance 5) Calculate E(X), Var(X), a+bX rule 6) Interpreting regression 7) Calculating a binomial probability 8) Calculating a mean CI 9) Sample size calculation
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Unformatted text preview: 10) Calculating a proportion CI 11) Calculating a residual from a regression 12) Interpreting a confidence interval 13) Interpreting the CLT 14) Create a probability table 15) Working with the sample mean 16) P(Xbar) question 17) Interpreting sample versus population 18) Calculating the median 19) Chebyshev’s inequality 20) Calculating Normal probabilities NOT on exam 1) Portfolios 2) Whatever you can convince me on Monday not to put on....
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