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Stat 104 Section 5 Josh Zagorsky < [email protected] > Logistics 1. No section next week 2. Office hours will be shuffled so that all are before the midterm 3. Midterm exam 6-7:30pm on Wednesday, March 9th. Last names A-M in SC B, N-Z in SC C, extended time students in SC 706. Open-book, open-note, but no laptops allowed. From P-Set #4 1. Bayes’ Rule: P ( A | B ) = P ( B | A ) P ( A ) P ( B ) New Concepts 1. The Normal Distribution X N ( μ, σ 2 ) is a continuous distribution- ie. the probability that x takes on any one value is zero; we use it to find the probability that x is between a and b . A Z-score shows how many standard deviations from the mean a value is; Z = X - μ σ In Stata, find P ( X < x ) by inputting display normal((x - u)/s) where x is your value, u is your mean, and s is your standard deviation. 2. Sampling: the sample has mean ¯ X . E ( ¯ X ) = μ and V ar ( ¯ X ) = σ 2 n . 3. Confidence Intervals: you’re some percent confident that the true mean lies within ¯ x ± t s n , where t depends on the degrees of freedom (equal to sample size
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