baumgartner and morris summary

baumgartner and morris summary - "One `Nation,' Under...

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“One ‘Nation,’ Under Stephen? The Effects of The Colbert Report on American Part I: This article focuses on the effects of humor on political persuasion, as it can be presented in various ways by different comedians and their techniques. Baumgartner and Morris argue that although political humor plays a significant role on influencing attitudes and opinions, Stephen Colbert’s “brand” raises this influence to a whole new level. This “brand” consists of mockery and name-calling of the opposition, causing the audience to view these leaders and parties in a negative manner. While a conservative audience mostly views The Colbert Report , Baumgartner and Morris predict Colbert’s explicit criticism of liberals and Democrats will generate more pro-Republican among viewers. Part II: According to the text, “political implications lie behind every type of cultural product, including entertainment television that is not explicitly political” (pg. 245). This
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baumgartner and morris summary - "One `Nation,' Under...

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