Spring2012AnatomyQuiz5 - insertions apply to which muscles...

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BIO478L Quiz 5 Name: Because the tetrapods evolved various methods of locomotion on land, unlike fishes, they have specialized skeletal muscles on the limbs. These muscles still share homology with muscles in the somewhat simpler skeletal muscular system of sharks. A list has been provided of Squalus muscles below (which are all from your lab list). You are to name ALL of the homologous muscles in Felis according to the table in Chapter 7 of our lab manual. Then, go into the chapter and list all insertions of each of the Felis muscles that you have listed. It is sufficient to simply state the structure(s) on which the muscle inserts in lieu of any excess detail; the insertions of large families of muscles may be generalized as appropriate, i.e. “dorsolateral surface of the hindlimb.” Make sure the insertions are on the same line as the muscles, or you otherwise indicate which
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Unformatted text preview: insertions apply to which muscles. You can put your answers in this table, or a similar one if you wish. Each correct answer is worth approximately 1/6 of a point. Don’t delay too long in starting this assignment…it is to do on your own time, and will not be accepted after the beginning of the day of the exam. This is an open-book (obviously) quiz, and you may collaborate. BUT , if we see people copying each other’s tables just before class, we will consider that cheating and take appropriate action. BIO478L Quiz 5 Squalus Felis Insertion in Felis Example: Dorsal rectus eye muscle Dorsal rectus eye muscle Caudal portion of the eyeball 1. Intermandibular muscle 2. Cucullaris muscle 3. Pectoral fin: dorsal fin muscle (in other words, the dorsal muscle OF the pectoral fin) BIO478L Quiz 5...
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Spring2012AnatomyQuiz5 - insertions apply to which muscles...

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