Psych Final Review 1 - Psych 105 Spring 2010 Unit 4 Review...

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Psych 105 Spring 2010 Unit 4 Review Part 1 of 2 Exam 4 will cover Ch. 12, 14, 15, & 16. Know the definition of stress and stressors . Know the three different views of stress: stimulus , response , and relational . Know how stress is studied under the stimulus view , the main categories, how they are measured and the pros and cons of this approach. Know the emotion/stress process and the distinction between primary and secondary appraisal . How does this reflect the relational view of stress? Know the physiological systems involved in stress, including specific structures and chemicals/hormones. Know the two neuroendocrine pathways , including the structures, chemicals and effects in the body. Know about the General Adaptation Syndrome , including the definition, the studies used to develop the model, the three stages (in order) and criticisms of the GAS. Know how stress affects the brain. Know what coping is and the different categories of coping strategies, including definitions and examples. Know the different theories about social support, coping, stress and health. Know about positive psychology’s approach to studying stress, including empirical evidence regarding positive traits, emotions and finding meaning. Know the definitions of psychosomatic theory and health psychology and the relationship between the two. Know the
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Psych Final Review 1 - Psych 105 Spring 2010 Unit 4 Review...

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