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Study Guide for Test 1: chapters 1-6 -This test will consist of 50 questions, a mixture of multiple choice and true/false -Read each chapter, the power points should be used as a guide for interpreting the material. -know key terminology in each chapter -be able to identify examples of terms -review video clips that were shown and discussed in class Here are some main ideas and sections of the chapters that you will need to comprehend for this exam Chapter 1: Origins of language -be familiar with different theories of the origins of languages and have a general sense of what each theory states. -be familiar with larynx, pharynx and the brain, the text specifically mentions and defines this anatomical parts Chapter 2: human and animal communication - understand each property of human language and how it benefits human language -be familiar with the chimpanzee experiments. Make sure to know the chimps and what specifically was taught to them - understand the difference between communicative and informative signals
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Study_Guide_for_Test_1 (1) - Study Guide for Test 1...

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