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BLAW Chapter 5 Study questions - Doug Jackson Business Law...

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Doug Jackson Business Law Section 8 Chapter 5 March 22, 2006 Chapter 5 Study Questions 1.) An intentional tort requires intent. The tortfeasor must intend to commit an act, the consequences of which interfere with the personal or business interest of another in a way not permitted by law. In tort law, intent means only that the actor intended the consequences of his or her act or knew with substantial certainty that specific consequences would result from the act. Intentional torts against persons and business relationships include assault and battery, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress, defamation, invasion of the right to privacy, appropriation, misrepresentation, and wrongful interference. 2.) Whether the contact is offensive is determined by the reasonable person standard. The contact can be made by the defendant or by some force the defendant sets in motion. If the plaintiff shows there was contact, and the jury agrees that the contact was offensive, the plaintiff has the right to compensation. A number of legally recognized defenses can be raised by defendant who is sued for assault, battery, or both. Consent is when a person consents to the act that damages her or him. There is usually no liability for the damage done in this case. An individual who is
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BLAW Chapter 5 Study questions - Doug Jackson Business Law...

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