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Logan Cooper BLAW 3201-10 Fall 2006 Chapter 2 S TUDY Q UESTIONS 1. If a corporation is incorporated in Delaware, has its main office in New York, and does business in California, but its president lives in Connecticut, in which state(s) can it be sued? In any state court where the complaint occurred, or in federal court if diversity is achieved 2. What is the difference between a court of general jurisdiction and a court of limited jurisdiction? A court of general jurisdiction can hear different kinds of cases (like a family doctor) for example, Commonwealth of Kentucky Circuit Court. A court of limited jurisdiction can only hear certain issues (like a psychiatrist treats mental health issues) an example might be Hardin County (Kentucky) Family Court, which only hears cases on domestic issues. 3. What is the role of a court with appellate jurisdiction? An appellate court reviews a case after an appeal to make sure that the lower court reached their decision in a correct manner.
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