Ch_7_StudyQ - Assumption of Risk – the plaintiff...

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Logan Cooper BLAW 3201-10 Chapter 7 S TUDY  Q UESTIONS 1) What are the four elements of negligence? 1. Defendant owed Plaintiff duty of care 2. Defendant breached that duty 3. Plaintiff suffered legal injury 4. Defendant’s breach caused that injury  2) In a negligence action, to qualify as a business invitee, should it be required that an individual be on   the premises for the purpose of buying something? No because the general public in most cases still business invitees even if they don’t buy anything. 3) Discuss the causation element of negligence.   Even if the business owed a duty of care and broke it, that act must have caused the injury. 4) What do awards of punitive damages achieve?   They serve as a punishment to the wrongdoer to never commit the tort again. 5) Identify and define defenses available in an action in negligence.
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Unformatted text preview: Assumption of Risk – the plaintiff knowingly entered into a risky situation Superseding Intervening Cause – responsible only for the direct damage caused not by any other subsequent torts that might not have happened had if the previous one had not occurred Contributory Negligence- plaintiff is not guilty if the defendant added to their danger 6) On what public policy grounds is strict liability imposed? Product Liablitity Wild Animals 7) What are abnormally dangerous activities? 1. The activity involves potential serious harm 2. The activity has a high risk that cannot be protected against 3. The activity is not commonly performed 8) Why is the theory of strict liability applied to abnormally dangerous activities? Because people knowingly engage in it....
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Ch_7_StudyQ - Assumption of Risk – the plaintiff...

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