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Logan  Cooper BLAW 3201- 10 Chapter 13 S TUDY Q UESTIONS 1) What is the minor’s right to disaffirm a contract? A minor can disaffirm a contract just by expressing that intent. The conract can be disaffirmed at anytime while a minor or a reasonable time after the minor comes of age. 2) What is a minor’s obligation on disaffirmance? The minor must return the goods or pay their reasonable value. 3) What effect does a minor’s misrepresentation of age have on his or her right to disaffirm? In most state the minor can still disaffirm a contract. 4) What effect does contracting for necessaries have on a minor’s right to disaffirm? The minor may disaffirm the contract but will still be responsible for reasonable value. 5) What effect does intoxication have on persons’ contractual capacity? If the person was unable to understand the legal consequences of the contract from even voluntary intoxication, they have the ability to void the contract. 6)
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