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Gorman - Logan Cooper BLAW 3201-10 Chapter 13 Case Brief...

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Logan Cooper BLAW 3201-10 Chapter 13 Case Brief Gorman v. St. Raphael Academy Rohde Island Supreme Court, 2004. 853 A.2d 28. Facts : Russell Gorman III was an honor student at St. Raphael Academy, a private coeducational catholic high school in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Gorman applied for admission to St. Raphael in 2000, and interviewed with school administrators. None of the administrators commented on Gorman’s hair which was in a mullet style extending about 15 cm below his shirt collar. Gorman was latter accepted, and started his freshmen year at St. Raphael. Shortly into the fall semester school administrators demanded Gorman cut his hair, threatening expulsion if he failed to comply with their demand. Russell and his parents filed a compliant with the trial court alleging breach of contract and seeking injunctive relief. The trial court granted a restraining order enjoining St. Raphael from “interfering with Russell’s normal matriculation and participation at Saint Raphael based on the length of his hair.” The trial court
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