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Logan Cooper BLAW 3201-10 Chapter 15 S TUDY Q UESTIONS 1) What is the Statute of Frauds? The statue of frauds are statutes in individual states that require certain contracts to be put in writing in order to be enforceable. 2) Why do certain contracts have to be written to be enforceable? In early English law parties to a contract could not testify, so they hired witnesses on their behalf. As you could imagine the testimony from hired witnesses was slanted so it was difficult for the courts to ascertain what the agreement or contract in question was. Then in 1677, the English Parliament enacted a law requiring certain contracts to be put in writing, to stop this charade of paid witnesses testifying about contracts. 3) Explain the one-year rule. A contract that cannot be performed within one year from the date it was formed must be in writing to be enforceable. For example “I will hire you after you get your Ph.D.” it would take me several years to get a Ph.D. so in order for me to enforce the job offer I have to have it in writing not just orally.
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