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horizondistancemain - %Show the data as a graph...

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%Bryan Choquette %ME82 %Assignment 5 part 3 clc clear all %Run the Function distance1=horizondistance(1516,0:1000:10000); distance2=horizondistance(3763.5,0:1000:10000); distance3=horizondistance(3963,0:1000:10000); distance4=horizondistance(2111,0:1000:10000);
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Unformatted text preview: %Show the data as a graph fprintf('Height Planet\n') fprintf('(miles) Mercury Venus Earth Mars\n') matrix=[0:1000:10000; distance1; distance2; distance3; distance4]; fprintf('%.1f%22.1f%17.1f%19.1f%19.1f\n',matrix)...
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