Taylormain - much credit as I can receive%Make the first...

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%Bryan Choquette %ME82 %Assignment 5 Part 1 %evaluate the accuracy of the Taylor series %approximation clc clear all %Run the Function f1=lnTaylor(x,20); f2=lnTaylor(x,50); %I could not get this function to work. I feel it may be a porblem with %my function but I couldnt figure it out. I am having fifficulty inputing x %Instead I will continue with the problem and make well labeled raphs for as
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Unformatted text preview: much credit as I can receive. %Make the first plot plot(x,f1) hold on plot(x,f2) legend('n=20','n=50') title('Taylor series for varying n values') xlabel('x') ylabel('f(x)') %make the second plot plot(x,f1) hold on plot(x,ln(x+1)) legend('x','ln(x+1)') title('Approximated Taylor series vs. Actual') xlabel('x') ylabel('ln(x+1)')...
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