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Unformatted text preview: Ethics What happened to the Golden Rule? Ethics In 2004, CBS ran a story alleging that Pres. Bush had received preferential treatment as a young officer in the Texas Air National Guard. Never proven In January 2005, an exec and three others were asked to resign because of the flawed story Ethics According to an audience of over 260 public relations executives 138 voted against the motion in a PR Week sponsored debate that ' PR has a duty to tell the truth', vs 124 for. Ethics? The appetite for uncovering business malpractice has reached unprecedented heights, primarily because of the advent of tabloid, Internet and infotainment journalism. "Freedom of the Press" is redefined daily What is ethics? From the Greek "ethikos" The study of value, morals and morality Right, wrong, good, evil... Usually determined through codes or canons Do Public Relations Professionals have Ethics? Most do... Do Public Relations Professionals have a Code of Ethics? Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics International Association of Business Communicators Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics Ethics Defined "I must admit I am constantly amazed at the continuing level of distrust between journalists and public relations folk. Is all of journalism an NBC report playing questionable tricks on GM trucks?" Lou Williams, president, L.C. Williams Navran Decision Making Model Define the problem Identify viable alternatives Evaluate alternatives Make the decision Implement the decision Evaluate the decision Apply the PLUS filter to steps 1, 3 & 6 Policies Legal Universal Self The Navran Model doesn't guarantee an ethical decision but it will ensure ethical components are taken into consideration Lying or Spinning? A lie is a lie, no good comes from lying to the media. Eventually the lie will come out in print or on television. Honesty is the best policy Clients come and go, but the media is always there and they don't forget a liar. Spin This! Spin is the intentional manipulation of the truth It's in the White House, the court rooms, headlines and advertising Depending on who is doing it, spinning can mean anything from portraying a difficult situation in the best possible light to completely disregarding the facts with the intent of averting embarrassment or scandal. Spin This! There is no good definition of spin. It's easier to say what it's not than what it is. It's not the truth. Neither is it a lie. Spin lies somewhere in between; almost telling the truth, but not quite. Bending it to make things look good or as bad as possible. Painting things in the best or the worst possible light. Spin This! Spin is not new. It has been around since Adam and Eve, but we are more aware of it today. It is used outrageously today and we have given it a name. Spin is everywhere Grownups do it, kids do it Spin This! Spin is not limited to politics: Defense lawyers are paid to put the best possible spin on their client's criminal behavior: "Yes, your honor, she did stab her husband 30 times with a butcher knife while he was watching CNN, but she's a good mother to her six children and volunteers for the Red Cross every Saturday." Salesmen spin the supposed magic of their products: "This new vacuum cleaner actually makes housework fun!" Spin Today Spin as practiced today comes in many varieties, but is always used to camouflage the truth, rather than to tell it. Spin Today "It's really better for us, at this point, not to lay out a specific tax proposal, because this isn't our tax proposal versus their tax proposal. This is a debate about our framework versus their framework." Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle Give us time to figure it out and we'll get back to you with a plan." Translation: We don't know what we're doing. ...
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