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Unformatted text preview: Technology, Tabloids and Trends The birth of "truthiness" Truthiness A person claims to know something intuitively, instinctively, or "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or actual facts. Created by Stephen Colbert, October 17, 2005 Named word of the year in 2005 by American Dialect Society and 2006 by MerriamWebster Where do you get your news Pew Research Center for the People and the Press 21% of 18 29 cited the Daily Show and Saturday Night Live as a place they regularly learned presidential campaign news 23% mentioned one of the major networks Four years earlier only 9% cited Daily Show/SNL and 39% mentioned network news Technology Blogs Youtube MySpace/Facebook/Etc. Website Newsgroups Yahoo, Google, etc. Podcasts Who is listening, watching, reading... YouTube MySpace NPR 33% of audience is over 45 years old 30% of users are between 35 49 years old 54% of podcast audience is under 34 years old 25% of radio audience is 1834. Major Trends 2006 The new paradox of journalism is more outlets covering fewer stories The species of newspaper that may be most threatened is the bigcity metro paper that came to dominate in the latter part of the 20th century At many oldmedia companies, though not all, the decades long battle at the top between idealists and accountants is now over. Traditional media do appear to be moving toward technological innovation -- finally The new challengers to the old media, the aggregators, are also playing with limited time. Source: Major Trends 2007 News organizations need to do more to think through the implications of this new era of shrinking ambitions. The evidence is mounting that the news industry must become more aggressive about developing a new economic model. The key question is whether the investment community sees the news business as a declining industry or an emerging one in transition. There are growing questions about whether the dominant ownership model of the last generation, the public corporation, is suited to the transition newsrooms must now make. The Argument Culture is giving way to something new, the Answer Culture. Blogging is on the brink of a new phase that will probably include scandal, profitability for some, and a splintering into elites and non elites over standards and ethics. While journalists are becoming more serious about the Web, no clear models of how to do journalism online really exist yet, and some qualities are still only marginally explored. Source: Trends How We Work Email IM Digital Imaging Automated Calendars Webcasts Online Media Databases Custom Websites for Media Events Online Press Rooms Online Archives Media Monitoring Content and Communication Traditional media toward online Immediacy Audience News cycles have disappeared Cost continues to decrease News on demand Accessing news when you want it in the format you want it More defined Able to talk back More grass roots How We Work Search Engine Optimization RSS (Really Simple Syndication PeertoPeer file sharing Web Measurement Integrated Marketing Online Collaboration VOIP Independent Publishing Challenges Email Spam Filters Better research to support story ideas Better content mastery Measurement Expectation Skill Sets New and Old PowerPoint Spreadsheet skills Adobe PDF Word processing Image manipulation skills Ability to research online Task management Web Navigation Email management Ecalendar management Digital camera skills Software downloading and installation Videoconferencing skills Storage Device skills Know how to use a scanner Skill Sets New and Old (cont'd) PDA Computer security knowledge Blogger skills RSS skills WiFi skills News Writing News Judgment Contact within industry Knowledge of traditional and new media Familiarity with Editors Reporters Writers Bloggers Experts Media Release Current Media Release Future ...
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