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Unformatted text preview: Dealing With the Media Are You Prepared? What is News? What is news? It's timely It's about people. 3 questions of scope and scale Is it unusual or uncommon? How many people does it affect? How significantly or dramatically are those people affected? Characteristics of News Consequence Interest Educates and informs "Should know" information Unusual, entertaining Human interest Current New trend Pertains to local issues, trends Prominence Concerns famous people Famous events Has rec'd media coverage Impact Timeliness Proximity Legislation passes Large employment shift Political Campaigns Social Issues Conflict News is about Conflict News is about conflict. An objective news story will offer both sides of the conflict, but it is the conflict itself that is of interest. Conflict can be Intellectual Moral Economic Political Legal News is about Personal Interest For readers, viewers and listeners, news is about what they are personally interested in. The "importance of the news varied inversely as the square of the distance from the reader." Two people killed in Tulsa at mall. 100 people killed in mudslide in India News is about the Gatekeeper News is also what the editor or gatekeeper says it is If the information does not get past the editor's desk, it does not get reported The task is not delivery to the editor. The task is delivery of properly prepared materials that might be approved by an editor to become news Questions Journalists Ask Is the story local? Is it unique A local hook? Is it timely? The first, last, biggest? Is it timeless? Does it concern people? Long shelf life Questions Journalists Ask Does it create human interest? Does it have consequences that affect lives? Are the people involved famous or prominent? Does the story have strong local/regional/national interest Is this news of the widest possible interest to all those within the scope of distribution? Hard vs. Soft News Hard news most often happens by itself... its news the public needs to know Explosion Hurricane Soft news is news the public does not really need to know Dedication of a war memorial Called "evergreen" because it has a long shelf life How to Generate Interest? Do good look for logical connections between what your organization does and the goodwill services you can offer Launch a public info service educate your audience Year end wrap up stories Develop local angles around national awareness days Include/pitch to freelance writers How many served? Outlook for new year The Medium is the Message Make certain you market to the right medium Request media kits from each medium that you are interested in Media list have target audience demographics, profiles use these when crafting your message Make certain you know the editor for each medium Rules of Engagement Have an agenda Keep it simple Determine your objective Minimize the number of messages State each message in ten second soundbites Focus on message, not details Communicate with impact Always tell the truth Be quotable if you want to be quoted Compare Compare OU OSU "University of Oklahoma State appropriations this year undergraduate students represented $248 million, a during the upcoming school 3 percent increase over last year could face the year's amount of state funds, university's most significant said OSU spokesman Gary hike in tuition and Shutt. mandatory fees in three Shutt said the tuition increase years." "will result in students paying about $16 more per credit hour." Compare OU "even with these recommended increases, the University of Oklahoma expects to remain near the bottom of the Big 12 (Conference) in total direct costs for undergraduate attendance" and that the university "has increased needbased tuition waivers by the same percentage increase as the tuition increase." "This budget will allow us to excel OSU across many fronts as we carry out our landgrant mission of teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and outreach and service," said Marlene Strathe, OSU's interim president. "Even with this increase, OSU remains one of the best college values in America," Strathe said. "OSU tuition and mandatory fees are less than 90 percent of the Big 12 average." Questions ...
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