1103Chapter 2 Outline - Chapter 2 Outline Demanding Wives...

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Chapter 2 Outline Demanding Wives and Powerful Allies: The Story of Cable Television Pay TV: An Idea ahead of Its Time Cable Growth Alternatives to Cable The Satellite Sky Wireless Cable Home Video The Kinescope Recorder The Videotape Recorder TV Recording Comes Home: The VCR DVDs and PVRs The Video Store The Internet and the World Wide Web Cold War and Hot Science: The Birth of the Internet Post-Nuclear War: Would There Still Be a Dial Tone? ARPANET: Forerunner of the Internet Where It’s @ : The Rise of Electronic Mail USENET: Bringing Computer Networking to the Masses Personal Computing: The New Mass Medium
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The Internet at Last! In Search of Search Engines: Sorting Out the Internet The Birth of the World Wide Web (WWW) Cable, Satellites, Home Video, and the Internet in the Twenty-first Century Summary Key Terms Suggestions for Further Reading Internet Exercises Chapter 2 - History of Cable, Home Video and the Internet Cable television began in the late 1940s and early 1950s, as viewers in mountainous and rural areas strove to be a part of the "TV craze." On the West Coast, Ed Parsons in Oregon rigged up a cable TV system to receive signals from Seattle. Back east, Bob Tarlton provided cable service in Pennsylvania and began to charge a monthly fee. At first, the FCC was reluctant to regulate the cable business, but under pressure from broadcast TV, a set of restrictive regulations was put in place that stymied the growth of cable for over 20 years.
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1103Chapter 2 Outline - Chapter 2 Outline Demanding Wives...

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