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Ch. 5&6 Ch. outline - Internet Exercises Ch 6 The...

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Ch. 5 Broadcast and Cable TV today Television Now Types of Television Stations Commercial and Noncommercial Stations VHF, UHF, and DTV Stations Network Television Fox Broadcasting Company New Networks The End of Network Television? Local Television Television’s Cash Cows: Network Owned-and-Operated Stations Cash Calves? Major Network Affiliates WB, UPN, and Pax Affiliates Independents: A Vanishing Breed Low Power to the People: LPTV TV Station Ownership Public Television Cable Television Cable Programming Packaging Cable Services: The Trail of "Tiers" Cable Ownership Cable Economics Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) DBS Programming DBS Today and Beyond Working in Television TV Station Organization Cable System Organization The Job Outlook Broadcast TV Job Trends Cable TV Job Trends Women and Minorities in TV Summary Key Terms Suggestions for Further Reading
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Unformatted text preview: Internet Exercises Ch. 6 The Internet and New Media Today Introduction In the Beginning Was the Word: Teletext Minitel Hometown America Gets Wired—Slowly New Markets: Prodigy and America Online ISPs Grow, Business Plans Fail The Growth of the World Wide Web and What Came After Internet Basics Standards and Protocols Old and New Domains E-mail, Browsers, and Messaging Plug-ins Pulling an Elephant through a Straw—Downloading the New Media Portals Communities The Bottom Line Ownership and Alliances Media Sharing: Napster and Peer-to-Peer Servers The World Wide Web and Electronic Media Evolving Radio and Webcasting: Streaming and Royalty Rights Changing the Face of the Web News Television on the Web, and WebTV Beyond Career Paths: Somewhere, Out There . . . Summary Key Terms Suggestions for Further Reading Internet Exercises...
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