Ch. 5&6 Chapter Summary - Chapter 5 - Broadcast and...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 - Broadcast and Cable TV Today The popularity of television with American viewers has made it an important and highly profitable business. However, it is also a business in transition, facing new competition for viewers and from new technologies. More than 1,700 TV stations compete for audiences. Commercial stations earn their revenue primarily from advertising sales. Noncommercial stations rely on government funds, grants, and donations from viewers. Television stations are of two main types: VHF stations (213), and UHF stations (channels 14 and above). VHF stations are generally more watched and more profitable. Network television is a segment of the TV business in which local TV stations agree to carry programs from a major network in return for a share of their advertising slots. In recent years, compensation paid by the network has declined for network affiliates. The network business was dominated for many years by ABC , CBS , and NBC . Newer networks are now on the scene, including Fox , UPN , WB , and Pax TV . The local television business relies on sales to local and regional advertisers. The most successful local TV stations are those owned and operated by a major network, or those owned and managed by a large-TV-station group owner. Weaker TV stations include independents and low-power operations. About 400 stations are public television operations. PBS provides programming to most of these stations, and its children's shows, news, and documentaries have attracted...
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Ch. 5&6 Chapter Summary - Chapter 5 - Broadcast and...

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