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Ch. 3 and 4 Written Discussion Ch. 3 1. Discuss the impact of miniaturization and the move away from analog toward digital technology for signal reception and storage. 2 Consider the implications of a video future with interactivity. 3, Discuss whether or not technology proceeds at its own pace without considering market needs; in other words, are we getting change simply for the sake of change? 4. Would you embrace interactive television? Why or why not? 5. Consider the way digital television has diffused so far in the marketplace. What problems are posed by so many scanning standards? High cost? Perceived benefits? Ch. 4
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Do you believe that increased group ownership has negatively impacted the “marketplace of ideas?” Why or why not? 2. Discuss the future of Internet broadcasting. Is such a thing meaningful to you, and what potential do you think it has? What effect have recent copyright laws had on the proliferation of Internet-based broadcast voices? 3. Do promotions have any effect on your radio listening habits. If not, why? If so, how? 4. Is the FCC abrogating its public interest responsibilities by deciding to let the marketplace shape the future of radio? Discuss. 5. What are your thoughts on satellite radio?...
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