Lecture_03 - o(l,tui t-l-4\t Bsndairl g4 S?q t-I*X Toda^t...

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o Bsndairl g4+S ?q "+ t-I*X - tELzs-2763s Tffifi#1ff^ ls" L* Z?' 3: tft ._ wora*s 4".+,i^., ^iu e1"fivi+3 ih 4""^,^,. h Zs +v C-l Nd d- E*=-- 41l2or kre-try d*o3s cc*+ra ,*;? udt"'C 'l.a.^'* +O1*\ ;t:. Qg{J^oJr^ar ; "q!q; er("Qr.s"na P-^*f L<-. evc'tn'f^^/! "-Q*r-t,t"f Arovv.d. N",t ( C0.- C{e- ,t-70!- <Acl^ o+U{'r. E= 8.. A ASBcoul.""h P,n.^q - ,-,'^:> r' - t*- co*eo*^H- -*-tra"ef'rar^ re-?ul€ rdv (l. .,tui" + t -----l_- Toda^t -4\t- ,rla g,iea t,lo, l +rr^4 arrz c.-*tr*,lclz<& 65 urdt ot1'^3 r h.,t eo,Aot^'tbrL -(arcna b u,Aou,tbrL f..-eA __ _z_ fP ?r -i . 9Y I l/\ qrr{ bortds rJ I owl'c bort"l it c J cPualea& bcno{,tnq vtn-toJ) c bovtai^n3 ' Se-cJvr doy bar^ cls Va'4 dct Ldolc.ls bontl'n3 hg Arogea Soraot'rn3' ilo- al n=_s 4r 41f 2-rz a a,*-tY?^A;I'<-
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@ I r8 bnv,ct l.-.tu- eg,q Z,Lb.,ur* se4alcdo-, t a.pprox rrurc.,lre- tJ l- 3 / fo* a i +f prta-lte s-l tv- ( Aslo + Not" +hryl-fhis t o),a \it4 e-- { proton bwt fiot 1rr-c- 5 4fi1c' ' 9q,ve qrF+fiao+u^ Fr*Lr/t A4'f{€re/q , f€tWS4/4"^' Eo =- 3^E e.V bqrt *u.?.6 F lor',,i- b.^a ^%l n,3'8 e-n f ^1-,n This ls a-,1' "+ 4 e^%+ A^ w"\c-Qg3 d\rl^eJ s-UJ is fre-{d +lT b[ ov-QPrn'tlaic +'* h,,tt *"'$\i,.o1 P'-.{-s' *4 9f*X boncts ,kry rqy}|L : F=- de dr Nok tf^*+ \.1 our ben k ur-sc,s F: &- anot has -ft q. +,="- J rh;<:< ^ , dt ^ ' b,^,tr . t,uru q- j nJ e- Lotln -n^l's I s a. 1r1,1"ffa5_ + conVaon-trcn oy\l- I- tr,r<- is ty +* fiL'L- rnctf cdx^rnsn. r^, f,oo -lLoo kV*d. [email protected]@ @[email protected] [email protected]@ @[email protected] @ o @ O I /t aa-,-€ AT1A$ Cf '.1E'
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Lecture_03 - o(l,tui t-l-4\t Bsndairl g4 S?q t-I*X Toda^t...

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