Lecture_10_11-2 - o Toda3 o Vo.caN\c.ies $ Disloca:tions...

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o Toda3 --, Vo.c aN\ c.ies $ tar.feati*ra/S Disloca:tions ) o ta. aaa t a a a C^onccrrtcfion o{ Vq.co,^ci el z-o ncant*a*bl of {acandQ-\ We. Ca,ta a.lso t^rn k 1* {u = t'lu : N k= Bolfzrnan,. l. 3E * 16" tg c*rl*^t ir a.S e o:' olom.K E= &.6gxtds .V E.r is fi abso0"f,q- T"ni1s \ -p,-Oi on c'] r/qca^^dca All c'rXs+als havc de-feets.-The3 q,.?- rer,,raVoid,a.ble-. Recra-\ q.o- ,,no*err.a,ls cornpos. .f + gcr{eet- crls}a.IS - Da$ec,ts a,re-- not -4^r-3= ba-cl . rfntJ mo,.3 Ue- benef.ta-o.t. -T-rre.g do a,$lcck pr.opc,rtieA. A. Vaco a_- n^lss iw3 do,w Iq.o oJrovv, wtrrr",flnerc- i s S *F prlsc-cl {rr be d7<- A+ !^ot^ ze.F *n"pcra* ttf4 Der0ec*s U thece- wtt( le,a a*r a1r*ti Lrir.r,r,r {-r' otio.^ e-^ er7) c;oncnatrzbb* a{ a*o,Ptir- r.itel dv/rr Note tu.q/t T -6 l.4x lo u.*P e Q' KT ) Ny = N For A art sD.D ' c -f- =
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g,lnberstitteJS - An extra a.:han loco.fraol ; yoids L.twue^a;foms. F{orc- tectnra,ica,lg t ^ q-tpm tha* is nof a, Tart nl ilc- tatt;rc4. oc &te basi:. oo ao zO -lor. .'q* o o 'w*fuih;r- o alp*', ran{t64;.h,e, trrnl>r* n-ty o o o o OOo ooa o O rT.O O I t \ s-t+ vta,tegtr157.q Vaco'nt- 7- anfe."shht{- "/ poi- lo o Frpr*a) oood+r* fiust be- abV +" +t rrl. betu ee*\ a*rorns e;4ct.pLe-z C, r,r^ F"- C(R- O.O+lns)rF<-(R=O.lz{na"} . ^ mela.ls aritr^ FCc, HCp/ BCc. sMrc*rrsa av,,d h"gh APF *rnene- i9 not much roonl bg*r.-lcer.' e*orns . da^s?qwe,atL;5 tn'*pun\ al:a,ms mr.rst be sr.ttrS +^ (db srnalter a^A^ ho3f- a$omS. , Tn4-e61;1{n -1 sitc,f { t^Jhcnc- -ttrare- is;ocnr, . Exo,n,pAa- : Q u"{ercUh'^l gr-{ca ti" gC(-.
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Lecture_10_11-2 - o Toda3 o Vo.caN\c.ies $ Disloca:tions...

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