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Lecture_16-2 - O Le&uce t lS TLd,aq M-a:=^ Naclraa,nt'cal P...

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O Le&uce- t+ lS - Naclraa,nt'cal P roperh-e8 C r--*.) TLd,aq M-a-:=^ ' Pois3on's raJa'o a o (Uaztr'aX ,i.0 ) b<- sfradt is rrvrposed cra L4^ fi/v--&(<.-Jr6^ Ttot<-- r^r i,L( ?{So t /-T sx !-- !." .L*" u-a' /,lo I -? = \conslrrilrln , 4 / ,"ay aare*vl.-! -- sr C-5 - € 4 \' z e.z -l is tn tharh CI--;t Wh.u,t 3or,t s+rc+c1 9" \L. c_ Q.*" Q1" 0*" ---fa rnost sfnrc*u-a,.{,^r,c.rte.rJJS 0,ZS .d' tf f 4 rr cr*en?a-0- i5 ln c,6yn pt^ ssibQe. -p * Il- cq^4 o,tSo be showy. thal, E_ #- st.r-. 6* ( vre?4t ivc , J flo veCr,.Me chq^:e (,otfr}*.'*r) q...(- gosi*,u o AV-o rJ= -!- 2 5 t : o,+ Lq ( r+ u) rrrbber E : 3Ca . Elartr'. 1 plastra a4,Ynv",tfr.'cu \A/srK hardenr'n6 D,^cl.ultl, ?*\ L'rb-,,tct- \+o "tghna-s{ Whern .' le',uo';le- stre*rs 4 vr^a.*errarl tt'e.re_wvlt €z= w "l"o €,1o"1"*rcn o++1.14+.-c4-. Ll,nut) -e.t.,n1ade- be- a'Aa*<r4[ cd|"sfidci r:.^. - rrra -ttnc Lti,qq-- ee astrL reg,r€r,.- v
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Ma*erG* R,,^LLer ?J1"1re,'\c- Mq C A+I- A^ sle& (@'"La^) Tizrls*en s- dlo++;i defo"m.ho', l?3t-l E (ee*) ,d* 3 +s 61 ll o 2-oo 4oo ptaa&'c- 'dcpw$oa f €5t6v, o.+q11 o,33 0 ,21 0,33 o.3q o,33 o,2+ J<^;,IL slvr.tuSt:" "*JL i';f irl'e to"ar<,.u ,{ (;*"'. rsro^; \ ' F-eenr, nonfCcavgahl4 ptoatr':- ' deftmafi7.
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