Lecture_17 - tg Le.Jure # 17 T"dag Mecha,ntr'^"...

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Le.Jure # t g Mecha,,ntr'^" + ttastic D€.{.,rr\""tti; T"dag ma3ruf-ie-"1 yl e,L\, gql^i Cr,bn'r*r' -t C peih-'r 'A el , ' \ c4_ fecAr4\6vr €xaru,,.0e . $or^r cnateriqls Je.p"rw g\asl ca tl3 . Whatf ha"ppe-as when a, foreo is agpUecl to o. .^ afe,,.1a! 7 Cc,nsides- she-a,r ?osslbiorhd I rtroXru$ ed 6 6:na . Eo*itibnvr nl ra pL;h>," Dislocq*ro^ n^ofifn =Q. b6nd'dlk -+ Cff= tnelz.s+r.b.0!- ts PDt4}, oh E (p61€"#l ry\) I an o- Je,n>I *. eo ^' I otu - | ots a+o'^slali fy r;c'-nh ' Tlrug pu "I mo{e-on rel bf€,r s rrnrrt{aneoqs break ril c{ f d*- f dS Theoretf cl.-[ o{rp*F\Alote- calct'r.,tqJt icl^ tI^ :: - .r.,- =.q$ aa:l-IEE +'* r,{e rprtl Jc *wsca.lc^. .,ta*iil ^ -t[.rec.,k\;\. l.rl.o- pl.n* JW pleae- sro'T b4' c'$lL
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E{pentn,r.-*tt vf *t-l-f C^^ NL ALO, 6"C da{"^ llo 20+ 113 b4s I o,5oo 9l,o2g 58,\5o 5l, 7So 6a tlg conpLo-\ o 10 T --.F- F F l- JI I e L Ii dslocot*'{a.'s .4-r/-- _ l'. .--"-.-,, l7oswb,Lbfr) U tc rl r14 \, u .2_ \ "o*porfl"-n ,i+h pred,clton. tr (qr") b,^f k rnata,laJ e[pgf,n C,^"4 5 ( 'Azt 1-3 (un") a. 0,15 lZ 0+ F(.nt\"!^.t & +,.a^t t+| bl fu;r'al *2oo -;f. Da[or*o]i-^ doca fJ ocs*- b3 Thoeo s lt'd,ti"7 ova-f eaet,,r 6t1^er effffrr,^crtfSo4 .'qU nta-.J wt4t\ k"--r- O-3 (,t'rP+) ,-lOoo 6.1 4 Oao u 2o,
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Lecture_17 - tg Le.Jure # 17 T"dag Mecha,ntr'^"...

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