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University of Minnesota Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science MatS 3011: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering Spring Semester 2012 Homework #3 (Due February 22, 2012) 1) (10 pts) Callister 4.2. 2) (15 pts) Callister 4.4. For each part of the problem name all elements that fit the description and briefly describe why you named some elements and not others. 3) (10 pts) Callister 4.7. 4) (10 pts) Callister 4.9. 5) (5 pts) Callister 4.10.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) (10 pts) Callister 4.17. 7) (5 pts) Callister 4.27. 8) (20 pts) Calculate the radius of an impurity atom, r, that would just fit into the following interstitial sites. Your answer should be expressed in terms of the radius of the host atom R. Order the sites in decreasing size and compare the sizes to the size of a H atom (e.g., Bohr radius.) a) 0 0 in an FCC crystal b) in an FCC crystal c) 0 in a BCC crystal d) 0 in a BCC crystal...
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