1013Chapter 2 Summary - Chapter Summary * Encouraged by the...

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Chapter Summary * Encouraged by the Internet and other digital technologies, content producers are finding new ways to deliver content to audiences. * All of the traditional media have begun to see either flattening or declines in audience, yet overall consumption of media is at all-time highs. * Five trends are abetting this situation—convergence, audience fragmentation, concentration of ownership and conglomeration, globalization, and hypercomercialism. * Convergence is fueled by three elements—digitization of nearly all information, high-speed connectivity, and advances in technology's speed, memory, and power. * As a result of this change, traditional conceptions of the mass communication process and its elements must be reconsidered: 1. Content providers can now be lone individuals. 2. Messages can now be quite varied, idiosyncratic, and freed of the producers' time demands. 3. Feedback can now be instantaneous and direct, and, as a result, audiences, very small or very large, can be quite well known to content producers and distributors. Learning Objectives The mass media system we have today has existed more or less as we know it ever since the 1830s. It is a system that has weathered repeated significant change with the coming of
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1013Chapter 2 Summary - Chapter Summary * Encouraged by the...

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