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Recitation_03 - o Recitation 3 Calc*l*te 1^a d,er&h-4 W...

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o Calc;*l*te-+1^a- d,er'&h -4 W arna co^^panqfo fl^a- k rn cr^rrn Ox y ervv,aQr"\+cJ Vor-0,,a.<- 14 nns i d--e.- c-cV {,-r t{ U-"r bcok. ttse- G, fr* fins,rolq 6,tw to 3et a. W has *rnc. BCC sMrc*,rce- 0.= : O.3lGnrrt z @s x tF3 . t+ -2-. @U rnot !R= a (o.r3+ "-) - \3 \s e= ^A 4 : V" r{" ( o."t6 n^n' 1s \ cetl / x 6.o23" roB &t "(gf nsl |t V alfrc t * cotes i s rar^"SrV{C 11 .3 o /.*3 d' Exocnp Le 2- CJc^^Jo.i€- +1,Q* aa""S+3 -f 4qAs E,u* tlno't-fv'u Qo Ns |:lor.d !en5tf^ ts o -2449' n^ N bi+ o$ a' retiatc$ot, \-, 4. C t ls^zsZf -r[vo'le"cce- t \ + J. t C,* -ra;.ia9!^Lt ra" diqmt.d c..^tft' StyreCf,.,tre-. Fcc \ar4*:e- + "mh:i-HFl" . +"i'* "t t ti ? Nhq,k ;, -ha + +narcat nel3hbsrS ? i{ is qndersl" "a<v'v&, qaydr.a*tar ctrc- rq froo{.anS c( la{hez pramelsr q .l- bo^4 ta3tr. Tciral.edlo.l Co"[5i 4 b-^es c O O C:C? C c r l \to'^ol r r l uro,r.t -ta r'rqur'' 5"' - a Si :3i : Si i, Atnsutef 9,- + l*?4?6 s*g?? J @,0
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r l florr.l is tna_ tn cLiomovr d nr Keca.Lt f,ncfut I p--{r (X, l r I a0SW^LCI._ = @ bo"a le^31h A Ll-=2R ) re-0akd -b$ a" cutbic SJrncfutre I Va-tor Cqtc-,U"S tha{ d.is*arrca. bu+ul*^ _*r!o r U, ,1) 44^cl (Xr, J.
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