Recitation_07 - o (aqLabbn s cfw_l ,'1 'livtc witr^...

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(aqLabbn s {l o A uo:fu) S?zctrnlro4n witr^ Jt"'rc^rtstti'ls ' frqucL is sub;ectad to a 'tensile ,/ | J . t -z n nRanm / Lri""'3ol'.* Yn'^st 6z <o'o8:- t{CrfiUn Yrfwr! v- " ^ ? ..J ,r _,. tn Tabfl<6.L: ti> wr,*.t" r^afa,id uroulA 3* 3tc'lc f . - t^,n ;f urr addrfian "liq*el'el' Cct^*\:l decraas" b$ 'T -- , :r -r +'rolr ,'ef,alS Areok i{ addr$an cliqrnel'el' Lcn'm\l q.L's,Lr:"]f, +orse .? l!;io:;;- c"rhttJn olt-heAe- n'naHe^als ar t,Ve^ ,'1 'livtc sf'ness of, Zt MP", f= 2D APa. ir I Llo l t mfn tbl r lo= do=12.?,na @ C".lc-^Le*e- C= A0- = &o l'ni.,*ir^, ,,r E +ho.t t''rou ld Nt A'{'= O' 08"* O.OA = o.ooo32- A60 3 (r 28 A?x 81.5 y, t 0 HPr'- ->= < e. 0.00032 8+. s Q?^ $-= Le 4 Y'= D Thn 's {-,.^^ T<b 0a 6, L wc- lr.a't'e 4\e-- J-ltowr't1 cqno\eoLc$ea F{e*Fl Fteaed NL 5k-& Ti w '-;\ ([) lr. add.ltrn^ ,^re- qlotr-l.d Qrke- W e cpvr,l coJc'*e V Zad' \nc.,r q- o^A ryp*pri"te . 0.3t o.9t+ D.3q o.L1 o.3 t 0 o-r1 o. L8 ra- Brass C-4 }4.X- -5 € u t.\Sxro b1 x a7 ,'/ L\ o '/ +5x zoT LO+ "/ I o? ,,/ +oT G- = ad 4-!rzxt6'3=-q.qSxtO5 \JX ao YL.+ S<-c- ohacrrn ovr:- <[ &tene- t"t^o1+ria'ts r) ey g.L*t + entl W ['.as Examp[c- t y <0.2q5
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@ Wa- ca,\A{- y W,t!\ a. rnAJz.l ttaq"t Sn^ffS{"L tt"e- C,a.a'J-gr,.c.
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This note was uploaded on 03/22/2012 for the course MATS 3011 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Minnesota.

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Recitation_07 - o (aqLabbn s cfw_l ,'1 'livtc witr^...

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