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chapter 8 - improvisation using untrained performers in...

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1. What three trends are likely to continue changing concert dance in the 21 st century? The three trends that are likely to continue changing concert dance in the 21 st century are blending theatrical forms such as ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance, blending theatrical with social and ethnic forms, sports and even circus movements, and last blending dance with other media such as film, computer graphics and the spoken word. 2. What are some of the choreographic interests of the postmodernists? There are many choreographic interests of the postmodernist, some include; the use of
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Unformatted text preview: improvisation, using untrained performers in their pieces, increasing physical difficulty in a movement, working with new environments, or even using street noises as accompaniment in their work. 3. Describe the work of a contemporary European choreographer you find interesting. Mark Morris uses his background in folk dance. His love for classical music and his flair for story telling is used in his choreography....
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