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Chpt 1 - 1 Take one of the definitions of dance that you...

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1. Take one of the definitions of dance that you like from our texts. Say which definition it is, i.e. who wrote it, and then in your own words say what that dancer meant in his/her definition of dance. The definition of dance written by Barabara Erenreich is very interesting to me. What I feel she is saying is we have the ability to pleasure ourselves through music, color, feasting, and dance. We have this ability so why not accept it and be proud enough to claim it. 2. What evidence do we have that among ancient people, dance was an early art? We have found evidence, such as artifacts and cave painting that show dance was an early art before the written language. 3. Name four purposes that dance served in earlier times. Dance served many purposes in earlier times. One of the earliest was for ritual, there was also the use to train warriors, heal the sick, and insure fertility for the fields. 4. How are choreographers of the past and today the same?
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