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Chpt 3 - Amanda Norwood Dance 100 Chapter Three 1 Describe...

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Amanda Norwood Dance 100 03/05/2012 Chapter Three 1. Describe the social dances of your parents’ generation. How do they differ from those of your generation? The social dances of my parents generation consists of dances considered to be from the 80’s such as the beginning of hip- hop. My generation is still strongly influenced by hip- hop from the 80’s, now known as b- boying. 2. Give an example of a current American dance you have observed. In which of the four categories of social dance does it belong? Of today’s social dances, which ones most suit your own attitudes and social needs? An American dance I have observed is Western line dancing. I would say out of the four social dances, it is categorized under courtship dances. Of today’s social dances I would say line dancing is what most suits my attitude and social needs. 3. What social dances from other cultures have you observed live or on film? How do they differ from our own?
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