Chpt 4 - Amanda Norwood Chapter Four 3 What are the...

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Amanda Norwood 02/15/2012 Chapter Four 3. What are the important contributions to dance made by Lois XIV? Whys is ballet terminology in French used throughout the world today? Louis’s most important contribution to dance occurred after he retired from performing. In 1661 he opened the training facility, Academie Royale de la Danse. This was the first training facility to attempt to professionalize ballet. Ballet terminology is in French due to Pierre Beauchamps. His five positions of the feet and the use of the turned out leg became the basis for education in ballet. 4. What reforms to 18 th century ballet were suggested by Noverre? What changes were made by Marie Camargo and Marie Salle? In the 18 th century, Noverre, suggested to add greater authenticity and expressiveness to ballet. Camargo was more for the freedom of movement and allowed male dancers. Camrgo was also the first to hem her dress to her ankles for more aerial work and beats of the legs. Salle was more interested in natural movement. She made a big expression when she chose to wear a simple
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Chpt 4 - Amanda Norwood Chapter Four 3 What are the...

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