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Dance Interview 02-13-2012 Amanda Norwood On February 12, I interviewed my mother, Kirsty in person. When she was into dancing, it was 1981- 1986 and I was not yet born. She is 16 years older than I am. 1. Mom what is your definition of dance? My definition of dance is the movement of the body to a tune. 2. What year was it when you were into dancing? It was about 1981- 1986. I was 6 years old to 10 years old. 3. What were some of the dances you did? I did ballroom dancing because at my age that is what all young ladies did. I also did disco, and 80’s. 4. Where did you do these dances? I was living in Poynton, England and I did it at a dance studio. 5. What kind of clothing did you wear? I remember always having proper dance shoes, and leg warmers. For disco I would wear a sparkly dress, and for ballroom a formal dress. 6. What was happening politically at the time you danced? I am not too sure, I was so young I can’t recall any details of that sort. 7.
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