Revised Definition of Dance

Revised Definition of Dance - Revised Definition of Dance...

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Revised Definition of Dance Dance 100 Amanda Norwood 02/09/2012 Alexander Kalini Russian Dance It started out with two people with the same chorography, using the space of the stage very well. The costumes complimented the dance style and theme. They were wearing Russian white hats, silk red blouses, and white baggy pants that seem to be tucked into their socks. Shortly after the number started, two more dancers were introduced dramatically by jumping through the background. The dance consisted of a lot of movements; jumping, squatting, and spinning. These movements were being used as a single move or all put together. My favorite was in the end when one of the dancers squatted down, legs together and kicked his feet out one by one. Along with a lot of leg movement there was also a lot going on with the arms, giving the dance a very energetic feel. New York City Ballet MOVES: After the Rain This dance was done with two people who instantly show how in tune they are with each other’s movement. There is a male and a female. The male is wearing white pants coming up to his belly button and dropping just at his ankles. He has no shirt on showing great movement in his arms and abdomen. The female is in a light pink leotard with spaghetti straps, no tights are worn, and she has simple ballet slippers on. Her hair is down, which I find interesting for a ballet piece. I am used to always seeing slicked back buns. Her hair down gives the dance a feel of romance as it falls with her movements. The dance itself is very slow and relaxing. The dancers shift from each movement slowly. Everything is so graceful. There is jumping, lifting, crouching, swinging, and even falling. The dancers keep their body long, shoulders down, and head held high. The female has great softness in her face and hands. The male is a support for the female. He picks her up, holds her, and swings her.
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Revised Definition of Dance - Revised Definition of Dance...

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