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Origins of Ballet - Amanda Norwood 1 2 Origins of Ballet...

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Amanda Norwood 02/15/2012 Origins of Ballet 1. According to the Encylopedia, how did ballet develop? Ballet traces its origins to the Italian Renaissance, when it was developed as a court entertainment. 2. Why is King Louie important? But Louis XIV had established two academies where ballet was launched into another phase of its development. 3. What did Pierre Beauchamp contribute to ballet? Beauchamp ensured the prestige of French ballet, and the quality of the Opéra's dancers became renowned throughout Europe. 4. In the era of Jean-Georges Noverre and Christoph, how were dancers trained and in what techniques? They established the genre of the ballet d'action in the public consciousness. 5. What are ballet divertissements? During the 17th and 18th century, the term implied incidental aspects of an entertainment that might be inserted in an opera or ballet or other stage performance 6. How did the ballerina become an idea stage figure? The age was dominated by the ballerina at the expense of the male dancer. Women's
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