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If I Was a Choreographer

If I Was a Choreographer - pants The music would change to...

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If I Was a Choreographer If I was a choreographer I would create a piece about a young man being drafted into the army, and his wife’s despair for his love. There would be a lot of movement mostly ballet. I would choreograph moves illustrating him being taken away, then him at boot camp. The girl would be tugging on him as he’s being torn off, and she would have a solo ballet piece with a lot of emotion involved. The theme would be army related. The costumes would be camouflage pants for the four men, and the one girl would be in a very flowing, pink, strapless dress. I would not have much of a set besides the stage and a black curtain background. I would integrate the use of lighting to show the transitions and emotions involved. This piece would be done all around the country in theatres. My dance would start with a ballet piece using some kind of instrumental music. There would be the one girl and one male. She would be in her pink dress, and I would have him wearing white
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Unformatted text preview: pants. The music would change to War by Edwin Starr. The male would tear off his white pants and underneath would be the camouflage pants. Three other men would enter stage left and grab my main male dancer. He would try to escape while she is tugging on him all using a lot of movement and showing emotion. The girl would exit stage right. The music would continue and the there would be a piece with just the men. Part of the movement would be marching, and others would show his struggle in boot camp. They would then exit stage left while the girl enters stage right. The music would change to Come Home Soon by SheDaisy. This would be a solo piece by the girl showing her despair for love, after about a minute the main guy would enter stage left. The movement would show the separation between the two, but how they yearn for one another. The piece would end here...
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