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Amanda Norwood Dance 100 03/07/2012 Hip-Hop Culture 1. According to the article on Hip-Hop culture, the critics of hip hop say that parents should resume a greater role in monitoring what the young children listen. True 2. Supporters of hip-hop say that yes, hip hop leads to violence, but then, people shouldn't listen to rap music and participate in the culture. False 3. According to the article, hip hop is more than music, it is a culture that came from the streets of New York and Los Angeles True 4. According to the article, the defenders of hip hop say the music and culture are a force for social change. True 5. With the advent of hip-hop, this is the first time that parents have ever been
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Unformatted text preview: concerned about the music that their children listen to. True 6. According to the article, some say that because of First Amendment rights, rappers should be able to sing about what they want. True 7. The article notes that hip-hop has spawned interest all over the world in hip-hop music and culture. True 8. Tricia Gomez's studio, children as young as 2 do hip-hop movements. False 9. George Fagan believes students should be 8 years old before they do hip-hop movements. False 10. The Steps Dance Faculty introduces their youngsters to MTV and club moves. False...
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